We believe that automation is a tool for democratic empowerment, allowing more and more people to have sovereign leverage over the work they do and the lives they live.

Our agency helps organizations working towards abundance, sustainability and self-sufficiency to do ever more work using automation, allowing small teams to do great things.


Process automation and marketing agency.

Automation is at the root of the next age of manufacture, energy, agriculture and finance.

Our clients are organizations who do more with less in the above sectors,
and we support them using automation, outsourcing and communication services, tailored to their needs.

As a country with limited space and the spirit of ‘non-wastefulness’, SmoothJapan revives the spirit of ‘just enough’, bringing new life to causes such as sustainability and self-sufficiency, breathing inspiration into topics of local concern and crafting stories that reawaken the belief in a prosperous future for everyone.


Process Consulting
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Process Automation
Marketing Automation
  • Website Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Net-piping
Internationalisation and Localisation
  • Specialist Translators for the sectors of
    • Internet of Things
    • Manufacture
    • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  •  In the languages
    • Japanese
    • English
    • German

Our Customers

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